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Watchtower Lite

Developer: AniBox

An addictive Tower Defense game with 3D graphics and captivating gameplay in a medieval fantasy world.A challenging Tower Defense (TD) with a balanced game progression. Three difficulty levels, suitable for each player from casual to hardcore Tower Defense strategy gamers. On the hardest difficulty you must refine your strategy, have clever tower placement and make due with your limited resources against unyielding hordes of enemies.
Your most important towers can only fire in specific directions and have to be positioned carefully, adding a whole new layer of strategic depth unseen in other games. Rely on your own cunning to figure out a winning solution to the level that will slaughter enemy invaders! There are many possibilities, no more trying to guess a specific configuration thought up by the developer.
This is a free version with 5 levels. The full game will be released soon and will feature a tower upgrade system, more levels and many other improvements.